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الطقم الصغير

الطقم الصغير

Fragrance bottles look attractive. But it becomes difficult to carry them in the bags. Some fragrances come in heavy glass bottles with attractive designs that look enchanting but are heavy. If you place those bottles inside the bag, it may cause spillage or breakage too. Get cute versions of the designer fragrances here. The popular, designer fragrances are now available in pocket-size bottles that do not take up much space. You can buy miniature perfume sets here.

What Are Miniature Perfumes?

A miniature perfume is distinctive enough and practical to carry around on travels. Miniature perfumes come in a scaled-down version of regular-sized bottles. They are perfect for women and men who love perfumes but do not have enough space to keep them at home or to use them very often. A miniature perfume set is a much more cost effective option than purchasing single perfume bottles each year.
Miniature perfume sets are good to buy if you want a variety of several fragrances in one packaging. You can buy the set if you want to try the different ingredients once. If you are new to fragrances, it is better not to spend money on regular-sized bottles. It is better to try tiny versions, and once you get familiar with the best suited fragrance, you can purchase regular bottles.

Like regular perfumes, miniature perfumes come in several concentration levels. They are available in eau de toilette, eau de parfum, concentrated perfume oils, eau de cologne, and others. It depends on what concentration of fragrance you like. However, the quality of miniature perfume sets and regular fragrances is the same. They are different only because of packaging and prices. Fortunately, we have the adorable collection of tiny fragrance bottles that you can easily carry around regularly. Shop now and enjoy them.


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