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Purify the indoor atmosphere with the loving Dukhoon fragrance.

Dukhoon is a type of bukhoor created using a conventional mixture of wood chips infused with various combinations of botanical components to create a series of distinctively opulent scents.

Bukhoor chips are burned to produce the dukhoon smell. Agarwood is burned to create oud, which has a similar production process and aroma. Thankfully, the substances used in these smells are more natural. The smells have minimal to no negative side effects. Additionally, the lovely aroma is uplifting.

How To Prepare Dukhoon?

Burning Dukhoon is similar to burning Bukhoor. The disc is burned inside the Dukhoon burner. The charcoal disc is heated to make it red hot. Then, dukhoon chips are placed over the top of the burned disc. After a few seconds, fragrances start emitting from the incense burner. This scent is natural and can be placed anywhere at home or office so the fragrance can be evenly spread.

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Find the amazing natural Dukhoon collection along with the Dukhoon burner and other related accessories. Dukhoon variety is available in various sizes so you can use it for homes, offices, cars, and other indoor spaces. Moreover, another variety in Bukhoor is available as well.

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