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 مزيل العرق

مزيل العرق

Roll on deodorant or a deodorant stick is a great alternative to traditional deodorants. They are easy to use, offer great protection, and come in a wide range of scents. The deodorant stick, also known as a roll-on deodorant, is the most common type of antiperspirant. It's sold in solid form and is applied directly to the skin.

Roll on deodorant stick usually contains other ingredients as well, including alcohol to help dry out your skin and make it easier for the antiperspirant to absorb into your pores, fragrances or perfumes to mask body odor, and moisturizers to soothe irritated skin.

Deodorants are applied to the skin under the armpit to prevent body odor caused by bacteria breaking down apocrine sweat into organic acids. Antiperspirants stop sweating by stopping glands in the skin from making sweat or from releasing sweat by blocking their access to pores.

How To Apply Roll on Deodorant Stick?

Stick deodorants are applied by moving the stick up and down until a thin layer of the product covers your feet, underarms, and other areas where you feel more sweating.

On the other hand, liquid roll on deodorant goes on wet and then dries on the skin. It serves the same purpose of removing bacteria and providing freshness. Applying liquid deodorant enables it to readily conform to the specific contours of your armpit and cover a larger surface area.

After taking a shower, apply 2-3 strokes of your stick deodorant or roll on deodorant to clean, dry skin. Once it is completely covered, begin at the center of your armpit and move outward in all directions. Apply again as necessary throughout the day.

Find the latest collection of deodorants here. All these deodorants are easy to apply and cause no skin reactions. Choose as per your skin type and enjoy freshness.

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