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Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Buy stylish and suitable contact lens here.

Contact lenses are small discs that are placed on the eyes to help vision. They can be made from hard or soft materials, depending on the patient's needs. Contact lenses are worn directly on the cornea and do not touch any other part of the eye.

The most frequently prescribed contact lenses are soft ones. Compared to rigid gas-permeable lenses, soft contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to get used to. They come in types such as daily wear lenses. Daily wear can be worn for one day. Another type is overnight worn lenses that can be worn for up to several days including sleep hours.

Apart from soft lenses, specialized contact lenses are also available. Types of specialized ones are hybrid lenses that have a rigid gas-permeable center and a soft outer ring. Multifocal contact lens is used for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia. Tinted contact lenses can be tinted for therapeutic issues. Scleral contact lenses are larger than others. Orthokeratology is worn while you are asleep. They are used to change the curve of the cornea.

Things To Know Before Buying Contact Lens

Check modality. Modality is checked by eye care specialists and that depends on the user’s routine. Consult with eye care professionals if it is safe to wear lens and what type of lens you can tolerate.

Secondly, buy the lenses as per your lifestyle. It depends on how much screen time you are experiencing daily. And, it also depends on what type of physical activity you are doing. Then you can buy it.

Apart from that, check reviews of the company that is making the lenses. You cannot compromise on eye care. Slight negligence can have adverse effects on your eyes. So, it is highly important to check the company and material of the lens.

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