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Upgrade your lifestyle with traditional and therapeutic oud agarwood fragrances. Bakhoor fragrance is highly stress-relieving and causes no harm to health. Oud smells sensual with a bit of a musky texture. But, oud fragrances give natural aromas. You can buy Bakhoor sticks, Bakhoor discs, and other fragrances here.

The Middle East is where the tropical agar tree, from which oud is made, naturally grows. It is said that agarwood (from which oud has been derived) originated in India. Oud agarwood is expensive and is called a luxurious scent all over the world.

Bakhoor fragrance can be set in various ways. You can simply purchase a home spray made of oud agarwood. You can also buy eau de parfum versions and others if you want to apply them to your body. Here, we have the stunning and original bakhoor fragrance range for the body and home.

How To Set Up Bakhoor Sticks?

Bakhoor sticks are easy and comfortable to place at home. They are one of the best-suitable sources to obtain oud fragrance at home and other places. You just need a few bakhoor sticks and a jar that contains the fragrance oil. Place the sticks inside the jar and keep it somewhere at home. You do not need to light a fire. The sticks will absorb the content from the oil and will emit an aroma. A set can remain active for some weeks. You can put them upside down after a few weeks to retain the aroma.

Apart from sticks, we have a collection of Bakhoor charcoal discs, Bakhoor chips, burners, lighter, incense burners, and others. We have oud agarwood fragrances from both international and exclusive brands. In addition to these, the entire collection is available on seasonal discount offers. You can purchase the luxurious Bakhoor fragrances here without worrying about prices.

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