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فحم البخور

فحم البخور

Bless yourself with the majestic and heavenly Bakhoor. Buy the natural bakhoor burner here.

Bakhoor is a traditional incense from the Middle East. It has been used for centuries to purify the air, remove bad odors and create a relaxing atmosphere. Earlier, it was used as a traditional scent at weddings and events. Now, it has become an essential item for homes and offices. It has gained popularity outside Arab countries too. The scents are available in a variety of sizes that can be used in homes, cars, cafes, and other areas.

Bakhoor is made from aromatic woods and resins that are burned on charcoal. The charcoal catches fire and burns slowly, releasing its fragrance into the air. The scent of bakhoor can be enjoyed by burning it in a room or bowl, or by placing it in an incense Bakhoor burner.

How To Burn Bakhoor Charcoal? Here Is A Quick Guide For You

Burning the charcoal is easy. You need to have Bakhoor chips, Incense Burner, and charcoal discs. First, put the charcoal disc inside the burner. Then, light the fire on the plate and keep heating it until gray ashes start appearing over the top. After that, place the Bakhoor on the disc and the fragrance will start emitting from it. You can then place the burned Bakhoor in the incense burner.

Bakhoor is a Pure Natural perfume that takes from nature to make its own natural perfume. It's more than perfume since it comes from a kind of tree. VPerfumes has an extensive collection of Bakhoor fragrances for the home. You can find Bakhoor charcoal and complete sets here at astonishing prices. Relax with the enticing and soothing fragrance that soothes your mind and soul. Get the burner, charcoal disc, and chips here with discounts and traditional Arabian quality.

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