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Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares compliment your look. Sleek cloth piece prints folded in fine shapes add much to your suit jacket. Pocket squares for men are worn using contrasting colors and designs. Designs that best suit the suit and tie are worn by men.
Pocket squares are an essential part of men's suits, and they can be used to add color to your outfit. Pocket squares are small pieces of fabric that you wear in your jacket pocket or breast pocket. They can be made from all kinds of materials including silk, cotton, wool, and even leather! The most popular ones tend to be made out of silk because it has a nice feel. They can be worn with almost any suit and tie combination.
Apart from the tie, cufflinks, and lapel pins, pocket squares are another accessory that can be used to add style to your outfit. There are many different styles of pocket squares, but the most common ones include solid colors, pin dots, floral prints, and geometric patterns.
These cloth pieces are appropriate for just about any occasion. The look ranges from formal to casual depending on the material and color scheme you choose.
Pocket squares can be worn with your suit jacket or blazer, or even with a t-shirt and jeans. This makes them perfect for any occasion!
How To Wear Pocket Squares For Men?
You can have a presidential fold-the classic square fold. All you need to do is to place the piece on a flat surface, fold it half vertically, and then fold it again. After that, fold it once horizontally and it is ready to be put inside the pocket.
Another idea is the one-point fold. Fold the pocket square in half upward along the diagonal. After that, take the bottom left and right of the triangle and then fold them inward. In this way, a classic pointer shape will appear.

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