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إرسال مجاني لكل طلب يفوق 200 درهم ما عدا المناطق البعيدة المناطق النائية . رسوم الدفع عند الاستلام: 10 دراهم
تيزيانا تيرينزي ماريما  ايكستري دو بارفان للجنسين 100 مل
شارك مع صديق

تيزيانا تيرينزي ماريما ايكستري دو بارفان للجنسين 100 مل

تيزيانا تيرينزي ماريما ايكستري دو بارفان للجنسين 100 مل

تيزيانا تيرينزي
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Fragrance Description: The other stop on this brilliant excursion is in Tuscany: the maybe less sentimental and less notable slopes and valleys of Maremma. Extreme and solid, much the same as the people who live there; magnificent and pleased as the ponies that jog eagerly across its scene; it is a spot for outdoors in the unblemished wild close by the Buttero and their astonishing ponies. The term Buttero alludes to Maremma's horseback herders. The name comes from the Greek boútoros (= bulls herder). Taken extensively, this term could be viewed as the Italian equal to the American Cowboy. This complex and multi-faceted aroma oozes the force of this spot. Loaded up with fruity and flower notes local to the Maremma scene along with solid cowhide and wood tones makes this scent unfathomably durable. Its dark jug contains all the appeal of this wild and captivating area, one of the most un-notable corners of Italy, yet one overflowing with ponders.

Fragrance Family: woody

Concentration: eau De Parfum

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: oak

Heart Note: persimmon

Base Note: cacao

Ean Code: 8016741132322

Size: 100ML

Fragrance Gender: Unisex

Age Group: 19-25

Occasion: Night

Season: winter

Scent Sillage: enormous

Launch Year: 2013

Perfumer’s Name: Paolo terenzi 

Odor: honey

Sensation: oud

Scent Longevity: 6-12 hours 


كود العلامة بي دي اف8016741132322
ماركةتيزيانا تيرينزي
رقم النموذج681
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