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إس فيراجامو إنكانتو للسيدات أو دي بارفيوم 100مل
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إس فيراجامو إنكانتو للسيدات أو دي بارفيوم 100مل

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Incanto Perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo, A lovely, soft fragrance released in 2003 by Salvatore Ferragamo, Incanto turns heads much the same way as a beautiful woman entering a room. The introduction is arresting as the lush sensuality of plum peeks out from behind a thin veil of peach's sweet nectar. Moving down, the freshness of pure floral intoxication takes center stage. Delicate peony flirts with the magnetic charisma of jasmine and a soft, spicy kick of red lily. The dry down settles into the rich, lingering softness of sandalwood soaked in warm amber and lounging on a delectable bed of musk. The silage is entrancing but not overpowering as the subtle elixir works its soft-spoken magic.

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