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إرسال مجاني لكل طلب يفوق 200 درهم ما عدا المناطق البعيدة المناطق النائية . رسوم الدفع عند الاستلام: 10 دراهم
كيليان إنتوكسيكيتيد للجنسين أو دي بارفيوم 50مل
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كيليان إنتوكسيكيتيد للجنسين أو دي بارفيوم 50مل

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No coffee tastes as good as it smells: but this sublime fragrance tantalizes the senses. Addicts crave a substance either as a prop against the harshness of life or to enhance its pleasures. 

INTOXICATED is emphatically the latter. 

Kilian Hennessy and Calice Becker conjure up the steam from an eggshell cup of rich viscous Turkish coffee laced with green cardamom in double strength - in oil and absolute - to glow as the opulent heart of the scent. Around this swells the warm spicy fragrance of hallucinogenic nutmeg & powdered cinnamon. At the base is the crystal sweetness of burnt caramelized sugar. 

Coffee so rich and strong it will hold a silver spoon upright. Coffee and scent both sensual and vigorous. Coffee as a stimulant, aphrodisiac and sleeping draught.

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