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إرسال مجاني لكل طلب يفوق 200 درهم ما عدا المناطق البعيدة المناطق النائية . رسوم الدفع عند الاستلام: 10 دراهم
كاشاريل أمور أمور فوربيدين كيس للسيدات أو دي تواليت 100مل
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كاشاريل أمور أمور فوربيدين كيس للسيدات أو دي تواليت 100مل

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A new chapter begins in the 'Amor Amor' saga with new romance and a new fragrance with all more intense than ever. After the magic, innocence and purity of the first few moments, 'Amor Amor' forbidden kiss adds a touch of mystery, daring and sensuality. This is a story of forbidden love between a rebellious heroine and a bad boy, for every girl who has ever broken the rules and thrown reason to the wind. See their irresistible attraction to one another, watch them both give in to temptation and indulge in a sweet initiation. She takes this new step with him without the smallest hesitation, guided by the thrill of danger and a taste for forbidden games. She allows him to trace words of love and freedom onto her skin, like so many caresses. These first hints of sensual pleasure allow them, together, to reveal themselves to one another. And under it all lies the promise of a forbidden kiss.

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