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Selecting footwear is a difficult task because of the complex choices we see. Some sandals come with high heels but soles feel uncomfortable. Or, some flats match well with your outfit but you wish to wear heels. However, dayheels solve your problems to a great extent.
Dayheels add new height to your boring flat soles. The company has used innovative foot technology to create adjustable heels that can easily be attached to your footwear. Whether you want to rise up your favorite sneakers or you want to add an inch of height to your wedges, these attachable heels can work well with all types of footwear. Now, if you get sneakers that are bigger than the shoe size, you do not need to add cotton or tissue paper inside the shoe.
These attachable heels are equipped with 3-layered heeled cushions that are soft and cozy. The cushions are made of soft gel material that provides comfort to your feet. The soft materials prevent pain in heels and ankles. Moreover, the shape also adds full support to your shoes.

Dayheels - Stride With Style & Comfort Unleashed

Everyday activities want you to move continuously throughout the day. You walk, you run, you jump, and you sit. The perfect pair of sandals should not disrupt your everyday struggles. You can place these heels inside your sneakers. Or, you can adjust these in your sandals. These heel pads are available for your everyday endeavors. What’s more to get?
How to adjust these heel pads? These heel pads can go well with any shoe size and foot measurement. Moreover, these pads are easy to clean and easy to remove as well. These are good to prevent scars and wounds from happening because of the sharp edges of shoes. Plus, Dayheels are highly affordable and classy. You can now adjust your feet easily without breaking the bank.

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