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إرسال مجاني لكل طلب يفوق 200 درهم ما عدا المناطق البعيدة المناطق النائية . رسوم الدفع عند الاستلام: 10 دراهم


As we constantly strive to bring your favorite fragrances home, here is a tiny rule-book we follow to assure perfection and precision in our shipping of products and delivery on time!

Great news! We are happy to deliver happiness internationally across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Kuwait ensuring our relationships are strong and firm even across boundaries!

Also, as you place an order and trust us, we would love you to know that you abide by the following with love.


  1. When will the delivery reach your hands?

Keeping in mind all the needed delivery clearances to Oman, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait we ensure to deliver your orders within 8-10 days of placing the order. Please be informed that we work from Saturday to Thursday except for public vacations.



  1. How about the shipping charges?

For any online order, an additional charge of AED 80 (excluding VAT) for our beloved customers from Oman, AED 80 (excluding VAT) for Bahrain, AED 130 (excluding VAT) for Qatar, AED 120 ( excluding VAT) for Kuwait, and AED 73.5 (excluding VAT) for KSA will be applicable. The delivery charges are subject to change based on the product category, product price range, package weight, shipping difficulties, and custom clearance charges.

  1. How are the payment procedures?

All international orders are subjected to prepaid options only, and cash-on-delivery facilities are not available at the moment. We would encourage online payments via Credit/Visa cards of any bank.

  1. Is a refund or exchange return policy valid?

For international orders, an order cannot be refunded or exchanged at any terms. An order shipped will be considered final.

  1. Is the function available anywhere across Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and KSA?

Though the delivery services are open to anywhere in Oman, a few locations in Saudi Arabia has been exempted from doorstep delivery. Find the excluded areas here, and receive your orders at the nearby location possible.



  1. How can I cancel an order?

You can find your orders under your account on our website or application and if you want to cancel your order Contact [email protected] to cancel. Or you can click on the link for cancellation sent to your mobile on the placement of the order. Once shipped, the order cannot be cancelled.

In case of any difficulty, we will be available to help you at any time.



  1. How can you track your order?

You can easily find a link either in your e-mail or in the SMS you received during order placement. Visiting the link can give you an idea of the status of your order. Once the purchase is shipped, you’ll receive your first notification and the second will ping you when it is out for delivery. Our representative will contact your given mobile number once on the premises of your delivery address.



  1. Want to change your delivery address?

We will be pleased and happy to accept any delivery address changes if it is notified to our team before the purchase is dispatched.



  1. Did we exceed our delivery time?

Though we have never failed to deliver on time, we would love to receive your feedback for any delays so that we can do our part of the investigation regarding the same.



  1.  Customer service?

For any customer service inquiries, kindly contact us at [email protected] or ring us on +971 56 218 8419 or chat with our team on +971 800 873738637. Our team is ready to assist you with the answers to all your questions responding within an hour.



  1.  How are the installment payment procedures?

You can easily find installment payment methods at checkout(UAE & KSA). Purchase as per their terms & conditions. You will get a reasonable credit limit depends upon your eligibility. It's absolutely 0% interest.